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Editor: Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi

     Hi. I am Adekun. I was graduated from Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta and I work at an animation studio in Yogyakarta now.I make these words as exercise to improve my English. I want to tell you about my story when I was a student. It was 2007 when I reached 100 credits for my study.  I was able to get KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) programme from my campus. We were a team consist of 3 different faculties and we were sent to Jemur Village where was a small village in Kebumen. Our mission was to apply and share our own knowledge from each majors which we got from campus to society especially in that village.

     The first time we did over there was introducing ourselves to the villagers. After that we walked around to learn their life and adapted with villagers. They had a simple life and a good relationship among them because they often held some gathering at mosque or at village meetings and made some activities together. Many of them were peasants, gardeners and had some farm animals such as goats, cows and chickens. It was only had one elementary school and did not have some junior high school or high school. When their kids wanted to continue their study to junior high school, they would go to the other village because only there which had some junior high schools. But a lot of them especially for girls did not continue their study might be they did not have a lot of money or might be their opinion about elementary school was good enough for girls.

     After two weeks stayed and recognized that village, we started to run our own programs. Every student made some programs that would run with students at school and kids around we stayed. There were some classes for dancing, theater, garment workshop etc. whereas I organized a workshop for animation film used puppet which made from papers at elementary school and a workshop live action film with kids around I stayed. However if I was free, I usually helped my friends to run their own programs. I would tell you about my workshop. The preparation that I did was collecting few stories from some kids. The best story would be filmed. It was story about two kids shouted "thief" each other when they tried to take a papaya without permission. But they made a deal and ate papaya together. However they had to run because the owner of papaya came and tried to catch them. But at last the owner got succession to catch them and they apologized and promised that would not to thief anymore. After we got a story, we created the script and walked around to look for some place where would be used as locations and made some preparations. We took some pictures about two weeks and two weeks for editing then.

Maling the movie

     There were some activities beside workshops and programs. When several hours before the evening came, we played football beside a river. Its name was "Gangga River" actually it was not a real name but we called it. We played together with the kids and when adzan came we stopped and back home. It was our favorite activity because we could get happiness and it could give us some refreshing. At other day, we went to hike a hill. After the praying of Subuh we started to move. It was a fun journey. We brought some budin and burned it after we got the top and ate together. We could see the village from the top and it was very beautiful landscape. Sometimes we also tried to fishing. There was a fishpond behind the house where we stayed. But actually I had a bad record in this point because I got some fish rarely even I got nothing.
Gangga River

Eating budin on the top of hill

     Almost two months we were there,  we held a special day. We invited the villagers and we assembled at the elementary school yard. It was a day for showing. The kids from every classes showed up their performances and creations. There were dancing, theater, fine arts, photography and design arts exhibition, ethnic music and film. It was a happy day. The villagers curious on those performances. We laughed together and the parents were proud when they saw their kids stood up on the stage.  There was a funny moment that I couldn't forget.  Actually I had a long hair at that time. Might be it made me seems like a rocker whereas the villagers over there were very tradition. That afternoon I wanted to go to a toilet behind the house. When I came out from the house I met two girls rode a bicycle. They watched me and suddenly they got down and took out their bicycle and ran to some bushes. They whispered each other and laughed while keep watching me. Might be it was the first time for them to meet an alien face to face. xaxaxaxaaxa... XP. What a funny moment that was! 

Coconut tree in the top of hill's Jemur Village

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